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Waben für Elinchrom

Grids for Elinchrom and other Softboxes

For a long time, Elinchrom provided grids only for the small rectangular softboxes up to 90x110 cm. This has improved to some degree with the availability of grids for larger Rotalux softboxes. But for the indirect lightbanks ("Litemotiv") grids are still not available. These are Elinchroms showpieces for professional photography, and they provide indeed a [...]
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Shen-Hao-57 II AT Holzkamera für 5x7 Inch

Shen-Hao HZX57-II AT

When I set up my Shen-Hao, many are amazed to see I work with an old wooden camera. My “Oldie” as it is occasionally called. The surprise is complete when I mention that this is one of my newer cameras.

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