Mein erstes Fotoshooting mit Judy lag schon eine Weile zurück, aber wir hatten uns nie aus den Augen verloren. Entsprechend groß war die Freude bei unserem zweiten Treffen.
Judy ist ein wunderbares Model für verschiedene Themenbereiche, aber man muss nicht alles gleichzeitig machen. Wir wollten uns lieber auf Portraits in einer schönen Umgebung konzentrieren und davon Bilder in schwarzweiß ausarbeiten.
Ich freue mich sehr über diese Fotos mit Judy.

This is my favourite photo from our previous photo shoot:

Judy mit Lingerie
Judy mit Lingerie

I shot it with the Canon 5D MkII and the Canon EF 1.2/85 at open aperture. It is an excellent portrait lens that I still own.

For our portrait shoot I had an easily transportable kit with me with my Fujifilm X-T2 and the lenses XF 2.8/16-55 and XF 2.8/50-140. Both are neither small nor light for APS-C lenses, and neither are cheap. They are also not a replacement for the Canon portrait lens, but they are still excellent lenses. They have excellent image sharpness even at open aperture and a pleasant blur characteristic in the background.

With these two zoom lenses and the fast camera, you hardly have to worry about the technology and can thus concentrate entirely on the collaboration.

Despite the long time in between, we were able to continue our first shooting in the best possible way. We were so satisfied with the pictures that we agreed for another shoot this time.

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