Sad Times

We did not expect that our theme became bitter reality so quickly in this sad time.

During her last visit in Freiburg I asked Flora whether she is interested to shoot in a park which is an earlier graveyard and which has many beautiful and dignified tombstones. Flora was excited by this idea and told me she had often asked photographers for a shoot like this - but none of them was interested.

To reflect our theme, we selected a long black skirt and a black top.

Death and grief were a topic that moved me already a while ago. This shoot had no concrete background, and we did not expect that our theme gets so prominent with so many tragic deaths in the corona pandemy. It is a theme which is all to often put aside, but everybody should be aware of it not only while the pandemy lasts. I beleive we made adequate pictures for this, which also acknowledge the special place where we made them.

These are my other series about this topic:

Dark Hope

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