Infrared Nudes with Eve on Crete

On my photo trips I almost always have an analog camera with me. This time it was a 35mm camera with the legendary Kodak high speed infrared film. The pictures are a little different than the digital pictures from this shoot with Eve.

I love the characteristics of Kodak High Speed ​​Infrared Film. I've been working with it for many years, but like many other extraordinary analog materials, it has fallen victim to digital photography. But I still have a few films from the last batch in my freezer and use a roll or two on special occasions like this.

For the pictures I used a Contax RX with the Distagon 4/18, Distagon 2.8/28 and Tessar 2.8/45 lenses. For this film I use orange or red filters, which achieve the desired effect and allow a very good assessment with the viewfinder.

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