Three Days with Eve on Crete

A trip with Eve to her second home. Three days of photo shoot in special places on the island of Crete.

Spring is a particularly attractive season to visit Crete. It's pleasantly warm, but not hot. Lush oleander blooms in many places in the north, and everything is still lush green.

There are many enchanted places on Crete, some of which we knew from our previous shoot . But it was worth it to continue to explore landscapes and deserted places, so that we got to know a lot more.

On the trip I had my Fuji X-T2 with me with the XF 4/10-24 and 2.8-4/18-55 and 2/90 lenses. The latter is very good in terms of image performance, but as large as its full-format counterpart 2.8/135. I don't own it anymore and I don't miss it either. With the other two I can do almost anything - a small and light but still powerful equipment.

In addition to the Fuji camera, I also had an analog camera for infrared pictures on Kodak high-speed infrared film with me. These pictures are shown in the separate shooting report Infrared Nudes with Eve .

It was a very rewarding trip, during which many pictures were taken that are very close to our hearts. It was not our last trip to Crete, and if you look at the pictures you will understand why I have been to many other places with Eve.


Ein Fotoshooting wie dieses ist durchaus anstrengend für das Model und für den Fotografen. Aber es ist auch auch ein Erlebnis beim Fotografieren und mit vielen schönen Momenten abseits der Fotografie. Diese beiden Fotos, die ich am Rande aufgenommen habe, zeigen dies.

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