Collodion Wet Plates with Zetze

Zetze was keen to make collodion wet plates on our first shooting. I was very pleased that she had so much interest in this historical process. Since the process is quite elaborate a shooting does not end with several hundret pictures; ten are much more the rule. But these pictures are also a bit different from usual.

The pictures were made in my studio. Most were taken with a Shen-Hao 5×7 Inch wooden camera und einem Dallmeyer 1A Petzval-Objektiv von ca. 1920 entstanden. Beleuchtet wurden die Sets mit Dedolight DLH400D und  DLH400SDT HMI Leuchten. Obwohl diese Leuchten sehr hell sind und das Ojektiv lichtstärker ist als moderne Objektive, sind für diese collodion wet plates usually require an exposure time between two to six seconds.

These pictures are unique on black aluminium or black perspex.

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